Steelers: Madden Manifesto


As it has every year for the past 27 years, the newest edition of Madden, Madden 16, hit the shelves this past week. With the release of the game, the official point rankings for each team and player have been made public. So how do the Steelers match up with everyone else?

Overall team rating: 84

The Steelers come in with an 84 overall. This ranking relies heavily on the explosiveness and talent of the offense and the rating would surely be higher if it weren’t for a young and inexperienced defense. If the Steelers defense proves to be improved, expect the rating to improve.

In the AFC North, the Ravens slightly edge out Pittsburgh with an 85 overall rating thanks to their outstanding defense and despite a fairly week and inexperienced offense. The Bengals are tied with the Steelers at 84, but if history repeats itself (which it tends to do), that won’t be a worry come postseason.

In overall rankings, Pittsburgh is tied for fifth in the AFC and tied for ninth in the entire league. New England and Seattle lead the league and both divisions with 91 overall ratings and will most likely be the teams you see most while playing online.

Top Players:

Defensively, the Steelers don’t have a single player in the top five of their positions due to the lack of experience and also the defense’s poor showing last season. However, the Steelers land a player in the top five of the three major offensive positions: quarterback, running back, wide receiver.

The highest rated Steeler is no other than star WR Antonio Brown. The quick footed, sure handed, electrifying receiver tops the wide receiver rankings with a rating of 97, beating out the likes of Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant. Expect, as you should, Antonio Brown to be amazing yet again this season.

Ben Roethlisberger lands tied for third overall in the league with a 95 overall (Aaron Rodgers – 99 and Tom Brady – 97 are above him). The seasoned veteran recorded a career season and is playing the best football of his esteemed career in Todd Haley’s new system; and how could he not with the weapons he has.

Le’Veon Bell and his 94 overall rating leave him tied for fifth overall in the rankings. Honestly, this rating is low for the young star. Not only does the back have amazing speed and quickness, he is one of the best receiving backs in the league, adding an extra dimension to his game. A 95 overall, at least, sounds better.

Final Thoughts:

Currently, the Steelers rating sounds just about right. Because of the weak defense of last season and the inexperience of the players expected to play this season, the rating is a bit low. However, the offense is already set to excel; so if the defense can prove themselves, expect the total rating to fly upwards.

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