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The Steelers are back on the South Side facilities and preparing to face the Buffalo Bills. While the Steelers are working on the remaining preseason games and impending roster cuts we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Friday, August 28th.

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How long is too long?

Typically, the third preseason game of the year is the regular-season dress-rehearsal. As Steelers Digest’s Bob Labriola points out, the Steelers will use their fourth game for their dress-rehearsal because they’ll play five total.

The topic of preseason length comes up every year because every year players get injured in either contact or noncontact plays and it makes people question the usefulness of this many preseason games. Labriola describes Mike Tomlin’s position on preseason length.

"“We just play the schedule we get. We had five this year, and I’ll take it. I imagine we will have four next year and I’ll be talking about taking those. Some of the things we spend a lot of time talking about are irrelevant. They are out of our control and a waste of time. We don’t have control over the schedule, who we play, when we play, or where we play. Our job is to show up ready to play.” – Mike Tomlin"

Big Ben’s evolution

Seems like Ben Roethlisberger is the new “it” guy this year. He’s been largely underrated and undervalued by the national guys the majority of his career but I guess they couldn’t ignore the career year he’s coming off of from last season.

The MMQB’s Andy Benoit describes Roethlisberger as both a “big oaf” and a “remarkable athlete”. He explains how Ben Roethlisberger’s quarterback rating after being contacted is 158 with an 80 percent completion rate. The league average is a 43.8 completion percentage.

Things are looking up for Ben Roethlisberger again this season, in spite of missing a few players here and there for various reasons and for various amounts of time he’s still got a largely stellar supporting cast. With all the compliments and good press he’s getting so far this year his leadership will certainly be tested once the regular season kicks off in Foxboro.

Get ready, Sammie

Rookie wide receiver Sammie Coates’ inconsistency was and remains his biggest downfall. It’s what kept him from being drafted higher and it’s what keeps question marks around him making a huge impact this season with the Steelers.

The Trib’s Ralph N. Paulk spoke to Coates who explained his willingness to put in the work to help the team regardless of his own personal statistics.

"“I’ve got to be a guy they can count on no matter the situation. I’m ready to run down on punts and on kickoffs, whatever it takes to win. I’m not a selfish guy. I’m not going to be mad if I don’t get five or six catches every game. That’s not my deal. I love this game. I just want to win.” – Sammie Coates"

Sammie, we might need you at wide receiver for the first four games or so.

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