Another Steelers preseason loss: What they’re saying


The Pittsburgh Steelers had another preseason loss on Saturday with a truly uninspired defensive performance. While it’s still worth noting that preseason games are just exhibition games, it doesn’t completely lessen the blow or instill any confidence in what the regular-season Steelers defense is going to look like.

From the post-game interviews to Twitter, here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tomlin’s opening statement from his post-game presser was sharp and direct. He didn’t pull any punches about how he felt the team performed.

"“It was obviously not the outcome we were looking for. Usually I reserve judgment until we watch the team, but it doesn’t require a lot of tape-study to analyze some of the things that were issues in that performance. We continue to be slow-starters, and that’s disturbing. We’ve got to address that. That’s one of the things that we acknowledged in there after the game. Some of our young guys who pushed through this game, who are quite frankly fighting for jobs, did not execute without enough detail to be in consideration. And that’s disappointing. As we push towards the end of this thing, I’d like to see guys with their arrows pointed up; fighting for jobs. Some of those guys looked like they were just walking dead. We’ve got to analyze that, and keep those committed to fighting. Some of that stuff was quite disturbing; not the type of performance we’re looking for. After a performance like that, you analyze every element of it; not only from a player’s standpoint, but also from a coach’s standpoint. I just think that’s appropriate, and we’ll do that.” – Mike Tomlin"

The Steelers’ defensive snaps against opponents starters in the preseason leave little to be desired.

The injuries keep piling up…

Just keep reminding yourself.

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