Steelers: Could Martavis Bryant’s suspension be a sign of worse news to come?


In numerous separate reports yesterday it was documented that the Steelers were aware of Martavis Bryant’s potential suspension prior to the draft and for that reason took Sammie Coates in the 3rd round. For this type of suspension Bryant would have had to fail multiple drug tests (up to four) over the course of his rookie season. Looking past the moral issue of marijuana use one must ask how Bryant could continue to use the substance while experiencing so much success early on in his rookie campaign?

"He was quoted as saying, “I made a mistake and I own up to my mistake. I just want to move past it and get better”. It has also been reported that his mother has moved to Pittsburgh next to his residence to assist her son. Coach Tomlin also stated, “He’s got issues he’s dealing with that are bigger than football, and we’re committed to assisting the man in that”. Bryant also said he was not aware after failing the tests that a suspension could be the result which is an alarming response in its’ self."

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Marijuana use is illegal in most states but it is hardly a performance enhancing drug, and quite possibly could be a far better alternative to relieving the body of the pain caused by professional football then chemical alternatives.

Many players are addicted to other substances that are far more dangerous from a long-term health prospective and marijuana is well-known to provide pain relieve in joints, muscle, and tissue. This is something the league should better evaluate with assistance by professionals, but as it stands now it is forbidden and the penalties to the player are severe.

Should Bryant fail tests in the future he would be suspended for ten games if not for a complete season. A very comparable case to this is fellow AFC North receiver Josh Gordon, who is currently suspended indefinitely. 

Nobody wants this result for Martavis. He is an extremely talented receiver who was in line for unlimited potential in his sophomore season. It is sure the Steelers organization will do everything to assist him to cease use of the drug, and concentrate on his craft.

Now it is his decision to really move on and concentrate on football. He could squander a lot in his life if he doesn’t move on from this. At 23 years of age it is often difficult to figure out how to handle yourself, and it must be much more difficult for a professional athlete with so much public exposure. We will all keep our fingers crossed he makes the right choices.

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