Steelers vs. Patriots: Fantasy outlook


The excitement is high as we kick off the 2015 season tomorrow night. For many football fans there is equal excitement for the commencement of their fantasy football season. Here at Still Curtain you will get a bit of fantasy insight into the Steelers and their opponent each week. I’ll give you your MUST starts, your MIGHT starts (Guys to use where you need to fill in a hole on your roster) and the MISSES (Guys you want to avoid)

MUSTSAntonio Brown, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Ben Roethlisberger

In this game you are playing both starting quarterbacks and their leading receivers. Both QBs are in the top 12 at their position fantasy-wise and both leading pass catchers were drafted in the top ten in almost everyone’s drafts. Brown’s streak of over two seasons of five catches and fifty plus yards is gold. With him you are assured ten to twenty points per game. Gronkowski had almost a hundred and fifty yards receiving and a touchdown last time he played Pittsburgh, it is fair to expect more of the same.

MIGHTS Markus Wheaton, DeAngelo Williams, Heath Miller

The Steelers will try to spread New England out, either because they are down or because they’re on the move. The New England cornerbacks are all new starters. Markus Wheaton is interesting because he could easily have sixty yards and a touchdown. Ben will throw thirty completions in a win or loss so it is likely five or more will go to Wheaton.

DeAngelo Williams is dependent on touchdowns, he won’t be able to break free on the defense and he will not be gaining big yardage on any of his catches.  He will be sitting between fifty and seventy total yards so if he scores he will be worth-while, if not, he could be less than average. He is a FLEX option with upside.

The Patriots didn’t play well against the tight end last year, and they gave up a lot of fantasy points on a regular basis. Look for this to be a point Todd Haley may focus on. Miller could benefit (especially in PPR leagues) with a lot of underneath routes, and he could also gain from the increase in two point conversion attempts.

MISSES – Steelers DST

This is a pretty simple, the defense this year is a huge question mark and if they are to be exposed it could easily be Thursday night in Foxborough, against Belichick and Brady. Nothing would make me happier than being mistaken here.

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