AFC North power rankings


After the first week it is early to make serious judgments on who runs the AFC north. two games were close while two others were not but only one team came away with a victory and therefore it only seems right that they are on top at this time.


Cincinnati handled Oakland with ease. Their offence averaged over 6 yards a play while giving up only 4 to Oakland. Quarterback Andy Dalton completed just under seventy five percent of his passes and threw for two touchdowns. Jeremy Hill ran for two more scores as the team was up 24-0 at halftime.

Oakland didn’t score any points of their own until the fourth quarter when things were pretty much wrapped up. The Bengals did what they had to do and to their credit had to travel across country to do so, the thing is they beat Oakland who like the Browns seem to be in a rebuilding mode every year.


Pittsburgh made some critical mistakes that caused the loss in prime time. The defense did not apply enough pressure and they continue to allow the opponent to move the ball against them through the air. On the offensive side though they continue to show that they to can move the ball, now they need to finish.

This game despite some lopsided stat lines could really have gone either way and was rather close considering all the hype surrounding the Patriots.


The Ravens could have won this game at the end and if they had I would put them over the Steelers.  They didn’t and they also lost defensive leader Terrell Suggs for the year, which is a huge loss. He is the defensive leader since the retirement of Ray Lewis.

In addition to that, Joe Flacco looks as he usually does, lackluster and inconsistent. He completed 50% of his passes for less than 120 yards. The team looks beatable within the division, more so than last year.


Cleveland lost for the eleventh strait year on opening day and looks tired already. It is certain that they will play their division foes more tightly, however, I have no idea how much Johnny Manziel can produce next week, and who will even be playing quarterback the following week.

It will be a surprise to see them out of this spot this season.

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