Steelers game day grub: Toasted pierogis


The Steelers season keeps on trucking and it’s that time of the week where your stomach is growling just thinking of all the delicious football snacks you can consume over the weekend. There’s nothing quite like a Steelers victory to really get you hungry for more.

Unfortunately, the Steelers won’t have the home cooking of Heinz Field this weekend as they’re traveling to St. Louis to take on the Rams. They’ll look to add Le’Veon Bell to their already exciting offense and hope to keep the Rams in check like they did the 49ers last week.

There could be a good chance that the Edward Jones Dome will be filled with Steelers fans waving Terrible Towels as the Rams don’t seem to be packing in the crowds these days what with all the speculation and rumors of the team moving.

Still, to make sure the Steelers and all of Steeler Nation has all the comforts of home we have a recipe for you that will combine St. Louis and Pittsburgh in a way that will blow your friggin mind. When St. Louis comes to mind you instantly think about the Arch, arrogant baseball fans and toasted ravioli.

Toasted ravioli is said to have originated in St. Louis and its cheese or meat filled ravioli breaded and fried instead of boiled and it’s pretty tasty. We can do better than that here in Pittsburgh. Let’s toast some pierogis, shall we?

This idea comes from the collaboration of myself and my twin sister, Jenn. We come up with some awesome food ideas. One of these days we’ll use our powers of tasty food for something more productive but until then we’ll just keep making balls or frying stuff and enjoying every bit of it.

Toasted Pierogis. Photo credit: Kim Myers

The pierogis we found to use for this particular recipe are Mrs. T’s Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil. Perfect to flavors to replicate the toasted ravioli. And the method Jenn suggests for the best coverage of breading and frying includes dipping the pierogis in flour, then egg and then a mixture of seasoned bread crumbs and panko bread crumbs.

The trick here to make sure the breading adheres to the pierogis while the oil heats up is to pop them in the fridge or freezer while the oil is heating. We just use plain old vegetable or canola oil, whatever is on sale. Fry them up and drain on a paper towel.

Sprinkle the toasted pierogis with parmesan cheese and serve with some tasty dipping sauce. St. Louis you can take your toasted raviolis and shove ‘em! Yinzers eat pierogis.

Enjoy the grub and the game!

Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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