Steelers vs. Rams: Fantasy outlook


The Steelers now sit at 1-1 and are hopefully on an upward slope when it comes to stacking wins. Effective immediately Antonio Brown will no longer be included in this list as a MUST start, as it is implied each and every week. Ben is almost there himself so hopefully he continues his poise and we can avoid even contemplating him over any other quarterback on your fantasy team. Here are your MUST starts, your MIGHT starts and the MISSES.

MUSTS – Le’Veon Bell, Ben Roethlisberger

Outside of Steelers fans, fantasy fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Le’Veon Bell. Of course Bell had to miss the first two games due to a suspension from an incident that occurred during the 2014 preseason, but has kept himself in optimal shape.

St Louis so far this season is giving up a lot of points to opposing running backs so who better to capitalize. As stated above Ben is on his way to must-start status every week. If he can maintain his current play against St. Louis’ tough front seven this week, gaining over 25 fantasy points I’d say he’s there. 

MIGHTS – Nick Foles, Tavon Austin

While the Steelers took control of the game against the 49ers right off the bat and ran with it, they still managed to give up 335 yards and two scores to Colin Kaepernick.

No NFL teams have a bye week yet so you probably are not in dire need of a quarterback but if you are, Foles may be productive due in part to the Steelers very questionable pass defense and the fact that the Rams may be playing catch up. Tavon Austin is high octane. The Steelers defense is out of position often and if Austin is open in space he can easily gain 40 yards and usually a touchdown.

MISSES – St. Louis DST

St. Louis had six sacks in their home opener but managed just four fantasy points last week in Washington. The Steelers get Bell back, Ben will find Antonio Brown, there are points to be made.

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