Steelers: AFC North power rankings


How things change week by week in the NFL. I am still having difficulty dealing with injured knee of Ben Roethlisberger. I can’t stop thinking about the potential of the offense and where things were heading this season. Hopefully Michael Vick will have a resurgence, and make the front office look good for the signing. The loss of Ben will have a definite impact on this week’s AFC North ranks.


I keep waiting for Andy Dalton to falter, but he keeps disappointing me. After three weeks he has nine touchdowns with only one interception and almost 900 yards passing. Along with a pretty solid defense and the best record, for now Cincinnati has control of the AFC North.


In a very concerning loss the Steelers had their best defensive game. They held the Rams to six points and came up with a clutch turnover at the end of the game. This is exactly what they need on a short Ravens week with a new QB at the helm. It is the defense’s time to shine regardless of how good or bad people may believe they are. They need to create a spark with turnovers and splash plays to let Michael Vick get comfortable and start making plays with his numerous offensive weapons. They can still beat the Ravens and would probably remain at number two regardless.


Sure the Ravens haven’t won a game yet, but they rank higher on offense and defense then the Cleveland Browns. They still have a starting quarterback with a lot of experience and they go into their fourth game very hungry, wanting to feed on their biggest rivals.


Again the Browns keep the fourth slot warm. As said before it will take a lot for them to move up in this always-tough division. I wonder what they will do this weekend travelling west to San Diego, hopefully wear down the Charges for the Steelers matchup there on October 12th.

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