Steelers: What is the confidence level in Mike Vick?


The Steelers player are saying all of the right things when it comes to Michael Vick stepping in for the injured Ben Roethlisberger this Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens. They’re showing unwavering confidence and support in Vick as the man until Roethlisberger can return from his MCL injury.

Fans, on the other hand, as we know are an entirely different story. The team is coming off of a short week and Vick has had only one real day of practice to get ready to take over an office that seemed to be hitting its stride.

All the controversies aside with Vick, he’s probably the best option the Steelers had at adding a backup quarterback when Bruce Gradkowski went on IR with a hand injury this summer. The downsides to Vick are his age, his turnovers and his propensity to get injured himself.

There seemed to be a time where if Vick took a deep breath he broke a few ribs and was out for the season. But, even with all that, Vick knows this could be his last chance to play significant time in the NFL. With the tools available to him in the Steelers offense, how confident are you that he can get the job done in Ben’s absence?

Looking at the Steelers upcoming schedule and guessing at worst Roethlisberger could be out for six weeks. What record do you think the Steelers have a shot at attaining during those six games? 2-4? 3-3? 4-2?

What is the confidence level with Vick as the starting quarterback for the Steelers for the unforeseeable future?

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