Steelers: AFC North power rankings


The already crazy 2015 season gets even crazier in the AFC North. Almost a week after the Steelers lose to the Ravens in an overtime game they had no business losing and one that the Ravens had no business winning, they have signed on their fourth kicker.

I have never seen a team go through four kickers. It just shows the value of Shaun Suisham, he may be the 2015 Steelers MVP if they keep losing games based on missed field goals, or worse extra points.


While I always thought that the three playoff teams from last year would be highly competitive again this year, I would have never thought that Cincinnati would be undefeated and that it would be largely in part to the play of Andy Dalton. They have the second best offense in the NFL, another tough stat to stomach for Steelers fans missing Roethlisberger.


Well it is almost too tough to talk about the game last Thursday night. While in control pretty much the whole game they squandered the sure win to an AFC North division rival. Not good! The defense is showing some improvement and now Vick has more than double the time to prepare, hopefully this will show in the offence’s performance next week. They are really in need of the win Monday in San Diego, as they cannot afford to stack loses.


Baltimore stole a critical win, as starting 0-4 might have killed their season and hopes for post season play. The team is unbalanced and Joe Flacco doesn’t seem to be able to carry them if needed. His stat-line was not much better than Vick’s if not at all.


The Browns are getting comfortable at the bottom of the AFC North, as usual. They were in a relatively close game against the Chargers and have the win at Tennessee as some building blocks but they are still building. After four weeks they are giving up the most yards per game in the NFL.

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