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The first quarter of the NFL season is in the books and we already have our first head coach firing and a game decided by a blown referee call. Slow down, NFL, you don’t have to do everything all at once. Let’s savor these weeks a little, shall we?

Last Sunday’s early morning game from London featuring the Dolphins and Jets did, indeed, turn out to be a suck-fest as expected. Here at Still Curtain we are not only a bunch of nerds who follow the Steelers tirelessly but we are also a bunch of nerds who follow the NFL tirelessly. Therefore we put our money (or maybe just our pride) where our mouths are and make picks on every NFL game on the schedule.

We don’t mess around with point spreads or anything like that. Just straight up picks.

The bye weeks are in effect and we only have fourteen games on the schedule this weekend. Our Thursday night special includes a divisional matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans. As of Wednesday afternoon the Colts had both Andrew Luck and Matt Hasselbeck listed as questionable.

Haven’t they learned their lesson already about being completely dependent upon their quarterback?

Other divisional battles this weekend include the Browns and Ravens. The Bengals will go up against the Seattle Seahawks to defend their unbeaten record and see if Andy Dalton is the real deal and can actually score on the Seahawks defense.

The Steelers will take the first of their west coast road trips this season by traveling to San Diego to take on the Chargers. Steelers safety Mike Mitchell commented on how the defense needs to improve on being more exciting and generating more takeaways.

"“We want to minimize points, be an exciting, turnover type defense, be more dominant. This is where we have to continue to get better. We can get better as a defense. It’s the little things. After the first game we have done a good job of communicating and being on the same page. We just want to continue with that.” – Mike Mitchell"

We had a four-way tie for last week’s win between Tim, Zack, Perry and Remy. Tim has got himself into sole possession of the overall lead. I find myself in the unfamiliar position of being in last place, which isn’t sitting well with me at all. I’m going to have to start dominating.

Feel free to join us in making picks of your own in the comments section, or take the opportunity to heckle and criticize our picks if that’s your deal. Make picks of your own or you can root for your favorite Still Curtain staffer!

Here’s the Week 5 NFL Schedule:

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Here are the overall standings after 4 weeks:

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Enjoy the games! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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