Still Curtain NFL Week 6 Picks


The bye weeks are in full effect as we get into the meat of the NFL 2015 schedule. There are six remaining undefeated teams. Some of them are just begging for that first loss. You know the Bengals and their fans are just waiting until this all blows up in some horribly hilarious catastrophe. Please don’t make us wait till the playoffs for that.

Here at Still Curtain we are not only a bunch of nerds who follow the Steelers tirelessly but we are also a bunch of nerds who follow the NFL tirelessly. Therefore we put our money (or maybe just our pride) where our mouths are and make picks on every NFL game on the schedule each week.

We don’t mess around with point spreads or anything like that. Just straight up picks.

The NFL schedule starts with an NFC South divisional matchup between the undefeated Falcons and hapless Saints. Saints coach Sean Payton is the subject of trade rumors and Drew Brees is probably sending notes to Jimmy Graham to let him know how much he misses him.

Houston looks to bounce back from losing to 147-year old Matt Hasselbeck last week and I have a feeling J.J. Watt is going to take out his frustrations on a poor, unsuspecting Blake Bortles. New England travels to Indianapolis with everyone hoping Andrew Luck is healthy enough to knock the Pats down a few pegs.

The Steelers will have a familiar face returning to town. Well, more than one familiar face as the Arizona Cardinals, affectionately known as “Pittsburgh West” come east to take on the team that provides them with all of their aging defensive players and coaches.

Ben Roethlisberger hopes to be healthy enough to return to face his old mentor but the odds are stacked against him considering he’s only been out three weeks with the MCL sprain and bone bruise.

Dom was victorious for Week 5 with 12 winners. With that win he takes sole possession of first place overall with so much time to screw it up. No pressure.

Feel free to join us in making picks of your own in the comments section, or take the opportunity to heckle and criticize our picks if that’s your deal. Make picks of your own or you can root for your favorite Still Curtain staffer!

Here’s the Week 6 NFL Schedule:

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Here are the overall standings after 5 weeks:

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Enjoy the games! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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