Steelers: AFC North Power rankings


The AFC North race is hot right now. The Bengals have their bye as an undefeated team before they have to go into Pittsburgh. The Steelers head to Kansas City after a very uplifting win, if they get a road win here this division is in for a showdown on November 1st.

The Bengals stay on top in the North for now but in the overall NFL powers, the Steelers jump. The Patriots are in control but face the Jets who will give them everything they can handle. Denver has control of the AFC west but obvious quarterback concerns could alter the standings there. The  is the weak division and that only helps the Colts to their playoff spot


Andy Dalton’s perfect play hasn’t stopped. On offense the Bengals are 4th in points and 3rd in yards and have won by an average of 30 points a game. This is a team to be reckoned with in the AFC and until now they own the North. They have beat better teams than the Steelers have.


An impressive home win shows that the team can face adversity. Now they need to continue on the road, a loss to Kansas City could set them back. The team had to go .500 sans Ben Roethlisberger, so far they are 2-1 and going in the required direction.  They cannot overlook their road trip to Kansas City before hosting the AFC North division leaders.


Currently the Browns are in the AFC playoff hunt and will continue to fight but the truth is they are not getting to the playoffs. They will make life difficult for their division rivals but that is about it. The offense is currently in the top ten and for that reason could help you on your fantasy team.


There is some satisfaction consistently putting the Ravens at the bottom of the division. They can thank the Steelers for making a few mistakes on the last Thursday in September and helping them sort of stay competitive.

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