Steelers game day grub: Steak hoagies


The Steelers are hungry for victory this week over their AFC North foes, the Cincinnati Bengals. Hoping for a Ben Roethlisberger return to lift the team over and undefeated Bengals team the Steelers return home for the first game of three straight home games before their bye week.

While Cameron Heyward and James Harrison will hopefully be feasting on Andy Dalton you’re going to need something to satisfy your tailgating or home-gating crew yourself. I might be a scooch bias but I feel like Pittsburgh has the best bar food in the world. Granted I haven’t been to every bar in the world but there’s still time.

One thing I can’t pass up on Pittsburgh bar and grille menus are the steak hoagies. Seared steak thinly sliced on a toasted hoagie roll with gooey cheese and the right toppings. Delicious.

You can stop at your favorite bar and grab some to-go before the game or you can make them yourself and no one will be there to judge you when you eat two and a half and have to watch the game with your pants unbuttoned.

I don’t claim to be a steak expert by any means. I know I like them, that’s for sure. So you can use your favorite cut of steak to make your steak hoagie with. It’s best if you can slice it thinly after cooking and resting for the sammich (which is what sandwiches are called in Pittsburgh).

For this sammich we use a London broil that can be marinated in a nice mojo seasoning or just seasoned well with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Sear the steak in a hot pan or on a grill. Finish it off in the oven or with the grill closed to your preferred steak doneness.  Let it rest before you slice it.

For the bread you need to make sure you put as much effort into the vehicle for your sammich as you do the filling or it’s all a waste. Buy some fresh hoagie rolls from your favorite bakery or, freshly baked hoagie rolls can be made at home with a can of Italian bread split into two rolls. Just pop that sucker open, split it in half and bake until golden brown.

Steak Sammich

Once your hoagie rolls are ready you’re going to want to toast them. Always toast your rolls and/or buns, it should be a rule. Butter and toast them and get ready to assemble your tasty sammich. I prefer no peppers or onions on my steak hoagie, which is my prerogative.

If you’re using leftover steak for these you’ll want to heat it up with some cheese to melt over top. Use a nice provolone or mozzarella cheese. To get fancy, we used slices of marinated mozzarella, which don’t need melted if your steak is hot and provides extra flavor which is never wrong.

I go with a combo of mayo, lettuce, tomato and banana peppers. I realize I already said I didn’t like peppers on my sammich, these are different. These are delicious.  Your steak sammich isn’t complete without a drizzle of Italian dressing or vinaigrette before closing it up and shoving it in your face.

Steak sammiches, Pittsburgh style.

Enjoy the game and the grub! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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