Steelers game day grub: Immaculate B.L.T.


It’s that time of week again where your stomach is growling at the thought of all the football snacks you’re going to eat this weekend. The Steelers are looking to take down the Raiders to get off of the schneid after losing to the Chiefs and Bengals.

The Raiders used to be more than just the crappy team the Steelers lost to occasionally. They used to be a full-fledged rivalry. It all stems from a cold, December afternoon in 1972 when Franco Harris miraculously caught a ball intended for John “Frenchy” Fuqua and ran it down for a game-winning touchdown to give the Steelers their first ever playoff win.

They’d lose the next week to the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Championship game but throughout the 70s the Steelers and Raiders played some of the greatest and most bitterly contested games in the history of the NFL.

Since then the story of the play dubbed the “Immaculate Reception” has been handed down from generation to generation of Steelers families. There’s even a statue of Franco Harris greeting you when you arrive at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

The Raiders, on the other hand, don’t think of the play as highly as we do. They think the ball hit the ground or hit Fuqua instead of Raiders safety Jack Tatum and shouldn’t have counted. They’re crazy people. They probably don’t even like bacon.

Which brings us to the Immaculate B.L.T. sandwich, a sandwich that puts all other sandwiches to shame. Everyone knows how to make a B.L.T. You toast some bread and spread it with mayo and top it with some bacon, lettuce and tomato. So how can you improve on that? You improve on the bread.

Immaculate BLT

What the B.L.T sandwich lacks from making it an over-the-top sandwich is cheese. Meat and cheese are best friends when sandwiches are involved. There should be cheese involved in a B.L.T, if that B.L.T is going to be called “Immaculate” after all.

The best way to incorporate cheese and improving on the bread is you take those two boring pieces of toast you used to use as your vehicle to shovel bacon, lettuce and tomato in your mouth and you replace them with two grilled cheese sandwiches. You read that right.

Your bottom layer will be a grilled cheese sandwich. You use any cheese and prepare your grilled cheese to your liking and preferences. You take that sandwich and spread mayo on it. Then you lay your desired number of thick-cut strips of bacon. If you’re not using thick-cut bacon I just can’t even deal with you right now, go to some other article or something.

You take the other grilled cheese sandwich and you spread mayo on one side and top that with lettuce and tomato. Then you sandwich the two sandwiches together creating the best friggin sandwich you’ve ever laid eyes on.

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You can get yourself an assembly line and make a ton of these to bring to your tailgate and just laugh at all the losers who are having boring hamburgers and hot dogs. You’ve got yourself an Immaculate B.L.T. and if you’re in Heinz Field parking lots tailgating you take that sandwich down to the memorial of the spot where the Immaculate Reception took place and you snap a pic and send it along!

Enjoy the game and the grub! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!