Grades: Three Steelers who earned As vs. Raiders

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The cost was high but the Pittsburgh Steelers got the job done on Sunday. After two straight losses they came into Week 9 desperately needing a win, especially since they’re competing with the Oakland Raiders for one of the AFC’s two wild card spots.

Pittsburgh gave up 35 points and lost Ben Roethlisberger to another injury. That doesn’t change the fact that they got a crucial win thanks to excellent performances at several key positions.

Here’s three Steelers who earned A grades in yesterday’s game.

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1. DeAngelo Williams

Pittsburgh called Williams’ number 27 times in the run game this week and he answered each time with authority.

Williams finished with an incredible 170 rushing yards (6.3 yards per carry) and scored two touchdowns.

I never had any doubt that Williams could carry the load running the ball for the Steelers. The one area I thought the team would really miss Le’Veon Bell is in the passing game. Bell is one of the league’s best receiving running backs, but apparently Williams has that covered too.

On top of everything, Williams also took two passes for another 55 yards. That comes out to a mind-blowing 235 yards from scrimmage. Oh, and he also blew up Aldon Smith in pass protection:

Best signing of the season.