Still Curtain NFL Week 11 Picks


Over halfway through the NFL season and we’ve learned a few things so far. One thing we’ve learned is that NFL refs can and will continue to get it wrong. That’s fun to watch. We’ve also learned that we still don’t exactly know what constitutes and NFL catch, so that’s exciting as well.

There are only two unbeaten teams remaining and the ’72 Dolphins are sure getting antsy waiting around to have their champagne. The Giants looked like they were going to pose the biggest threat to the Patriots undefeated season but that fizzled out.

Here at Still Curtain we are not only a bunch of nerds who follow the Steelers tirelessly but we are also a bunch of nerds who follow the NFL tirelessly. Therefore we put our money (or maybe just our pride) where our mouths are and make picks on every NFL game on the schedule each week.

We don’t mess around with point spreads or anything like that. Just straight up picks.

The Thursday night game is sure to be a snooze-fest between Tennessee and Jacksonville. The only thing worth checking in on the game will be to check out what hideousness the new Nike “Color Rush” jerseys will look like this week.

Peyton Manning gets benched right after breaking the all-time passing yards record and if Brock Osweiler can keep the Broncos afloat we may just have seen the last of Manning on the field. He’ll still be slinging pizzas and insurance though, so that’s something.

The Steelers are on a much-needed bye week but will certainly be paying attention to see if the Cardinals can give the Bengals their second loss of the season, giving the Steelers only a two game deficit in the division.

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Jesse took the win last week in what was a brutal week all-around for picks. Zack now has a commanding overall lead and I’m hanging my hat on the fact that I’m no longer in last place.

Feel free to join us in making picks of your own in the comments section, or take the opportunity to heckle and criticize our picks if that’s your deal. Make picks of your own or you can root for your favorite Still Curtain staffer!

Here is the Week 11 NFL Schedule:

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Here are the overall standings after 10 weeks:

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Enjoy the games! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!