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The Bus is parked in Canton

Aug 8, 2015, Canton, OH, USA; Jerome Bettis speaks at the 2015 Pro Football Enshrinement Cermony at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony has become quite the spectacle over the years and it’s always been considered the highlight of any football player’s career. That moment when their bust is revealed and they take the stage to thank their coaches, teammates and families is the ultimate achievement for their careers.

For fans, when you get to watch a player go from your favorite player on your favorite team to getting to that stage in Canton it’s quite a moment in it of itself. I remember watching the induction ceremonies for the great Steelers players of the 70s but I had only seen highlights of their games and heard stories from my family.

From the time Jerome Bettis was traded to Pittsburgh in 1996 he was an instant fan-favorite. Steelers fans everywhere loved them some Bus. From the infuriatingly hilarious coin-flip incident in the Thanksgiving game in Detroit in 2008 to Bettis’ games late in his career where he’d score three touchdowns but only have three carries for a few yards Steelers fans were with Jerome every step of the way.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame had the right idea making Bettis’ speech the last one of the night on August 8


, 2015. The crowd was filled with a sea of Black & Yellow just like the seats of Heinz Field or Ford Field for Super Bowl XL. The Bus took the stage to chants of “Here we go Steelers! Here we go!”

Jerome Bettis ended his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech by saying,

"“I really thought The Bus’ last stop was in Detroit for Super Bowl XL but now I know The Bus will always and forever run in Canton, OH, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Thank you.” – Jerome Bettis"

He then twirled his Terrible Towel and we got all the feels.

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