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The Terrible Towel

Nov 8, 2015; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; United States military personnel hold a giant Terrible Towel during player introductions as the Pittsburgh Steelers host the Oakland Raiders at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Terrible Towel is the one thing that identifies you as a Steelers fan wherever you go. What started off as a gimmick has turned into an iconic symbol for the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise and their fans. The Terrible Towel celebrates its 40th anniversary this season and Steelers fans today couldn’t possibly imagine life without them.

Longtime broadcaster for the Steelers, Myron Cope, came up with the “gimmick” to help excite fans prior to the 1975 playoffs. It just started off as black or gold dish towels, something easy that every fan would have and be able to bring to the games. It just took off from there.

Myron Cope’s son Danny was born severely autistic and required 24-hour care. He was sent to the Allegheny Valley School and developed more than Myron thought was possible. To thank the school for their efforts Myron Cope gave them the trademark to the Terrible Towel and all of the royalties that go along with it.

Nowadays Steelers fans take pleasure in bringing their Terrible Towels with them all over the world from United States servicemen and women overseas to fans vacationing in different parts of the world wanting to bring their Terrible Towel with them.

If there’s one thing that shows that Steeler Nation is in deed a nation of people its the Terrible Towel. Opposing teams and their fans hate it and each time I’ve ever gone to a Steelers away game I was handed a towel (usually white) by the opposing team in the hopes that their stadium won’t be so obviously overrun with Steelers fans.

They make excellent sweat towels for games in warm weather. Otherwise they’re just pretty useless because nothing ever will compare to the Myron Cope’s Original Terrible Towel.

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