Steelers: AFC North Power rankings


Week 12 proved extremely disappointing as the Steelers lost a shootout in Seattle hindering their playoff chances and further exposing their dubious secondary.

Week 12 proved extremely disappointing. Another week in the books with another game that the Steelers could have one but didn’t because numerous miscues. Whether it was giving up five passing touchdowns, not scoring in the red zone or a couple of very questionable coaching calls, the Steelers didn’t do enough to win but they were in the game as they always are.

This team has heart and have played hard despite numerous injuries but they need to use that to turn a corner in December. The AFC playoff race is tight so they have to treat every game as a must win as there is very little wiggle room.


1. team. 56. The Bengals keep their grip on the top spot in the North and the 2 seed in the conference. With only one more loss than New England and the Patriots losing pass catchers weekly, Cincinnati can possibly get into the number one seed spot and keep home field advantage for the playoffs. This makes the December 13<sup>th</sup> matchup with the Steelers all that more exciting.. (9-2). Previous: 1st. Cincinnati Bengals

55. As mentioned above the team is pretty much in must win mode. This makes for a very exciting and stressful December for this fan. The offense looks strong but has to finish with points (An issue Todd Haley mentioned in the offseason). The defense needs to get better at all costs. They were able to last season by making some adjustments. Perhaps they need to look at corner. Maybe letting <strong><a href=. (6-5). Previous: 2nd. Pittsburgh Steelers. 2. team

(4-7). Previous: 3rd. Baltimore Ravens. 3. team. 26. The Ravens get their third victory of the season on an end of game field goal block that gets returned for a touchdown. A pretty exciting finish in a divisional game with minimal impact to either team involved. The Ravens are assessing team needs and it looks like they will need receivers and defensive backs for the 2016 season.

The Browns bottom out the AFC North and most probably the NFL. Their Monday night primetime appearance was indicative of their season and pretty embarrassing. Fans can wonder who they will take with the first pick in the 2016 NFL draft.. (2-9). Previous: 4th. Cleveland Browns. 4. team. 53