Steelers: All-Time Greats

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Head Coach: Chuck Noll (1969-1991)

This one was easy to choose. The Steelers have had great luck with coaches, and have actually only had 3 head coaches throughout their time span in the NFL.

One cool fact about the Steelers coaches is that every single one has won a Super Bowl, but the guy who’s won 4 of them takes the cake here.

He had a total record of 209–156–1, and was the best coach in the league for all of the ’70s.

He led the Steelers to 13 straight seasons without a losing record, and is known as one of the greatest coaches of all time.

Chuck Noll was later accepted into the Hall of Fame, and was credited as one of the first coaches to ever really accept African Americans onto an NFL team, and give them fair opportunity. In fact, Franco Harris was actually the first African American to win league MVP.

Honorable Mention(s): Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin

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