Steelers: All-Time Greats

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Linebacker: Jack Ham (1971-1982)

The Steelers have had a great history of linebackers, and currently have one of the deepest linebacking cores in the NFL.

Sadly for all the great players right now, this is a list of the all-time greats, and none of them quite reach the top.

Jack Ham is the best linebacker amongst the Steeler greats. The four time Super Bowl linebacker leads the Steelers’ linebackers with a total of 32 career interceptions.

Jack Ham was a part of the Steelers defense that dominated the ’70s, and ran one of the most important position groups along with one of other greats, Jack Lambert, the toothless beast of a man.

Jack Ham was named first team all-pro six times, and was invited to eight pro bowls. He was a ferocious hitter, and was never found out of place, and never fooled.

Finally, Ham was a big play magnet with his many interceptions, around 25 sacks, and 21 fumble recoveries.

The Hall of Famer became one of the greatest players in Steelers history, and helped aid the team in their many Super Bowl endeavors.

Honorable Mention(s): Jack Lambert, Greg Lloyd, Lawrence Timmons, James Harrison, Andy Russell, James Farrior

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