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Pittsburgh Steelers who could make the pro bowl

If you haven’t heard the pro bowl voting has begun. And if you weren’t aware there are several Pittsburgh Steelers who are eligible to play in it. In fact, the whole roster is. But only a special few will make the cut and take that plane to Hawaii to party and then play a boring game at half effort with a hangover. Game aside, its still a badge of honor so let’s consider who might make the cut this year.

Now, keep in mind they are doing it in the unconferenced format as they did last year. Also keep in mind that voting is still going on until January 9th, 2016 so vote here. Pick who you like or just be a homer and vote straight-ticket for Steelers. Either way, let’s project who we think is in.

  • Shoe In

Antonio Brown – This one is easy. Brown is currently in the top ten vote getters overall and the top two at his position according to Two of the killer Bs have had some trouble staying on the field this season but Antonio Brown is without a doubt still there. He’s the only Steeler in the top ten overall or top two at their position and he certainly deserves it.

Brown currently has 85 receptions for 1192 yards, both second in the NFL, and 5 touchdowns. This is even more impressive when you consider all the insanity going on in the Steelers offense. Bell and Bryant dealt with suspensions. They, and Ben, Pouncey, and Beachum have dealt with a lot of injuries.

He’s logged a significant amount of time catching balls from Michael Vick and Landry Jones. So needless to say he’s making the pro bowl and he deserves it

  • Maybe

Jordan Berry – I repeat, Jordan Berry. I’m as surprised as you but apparently he’s 3rd in pro bowl voting for punters. The kids certainly got boot when he wants to. Tip of the cap to him.

Berry is averaging a mediocre 42.2 yards per punt. That’s likely because the Steelers give him short fields to work with as he does have 21 punts in the 20 and only 1 touchback which speaks to his accuracy.

Lawrence Timmons – Lawrence Timmons made the pro bowl last year. And he’s doing even better this year. In 2014, Timmons lone pro bowl season he racked up 132 tackles, 2 sacks, no interceptions, and 1 pass defensed. This year he’s on pace to get 117 tackles, 4 sacks, 2 interceptions, and 9 passes defensed.

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Here’s why maybe though. He’s a perennial pro bowl snub over the last half decade. A lot of PR from the Steelers players helped get the word out but who knows why, the bad defense maybe, but Timmons always has the stats and rarely make the pro bowl.

Cam Heyward – Yep, again. He’s having a great season. Heyward continues to get better every single year. It’s a testament to his work ethic and dedication. He’s having a pro bowl worthy season but will he make the pro bowl?

He currently has 29 tackles, 5 sacks, and one forced fumble as well as a blocked punt and pass defensed. That projects to 43 tackles and 8 sacks over 16 games. The problem is much like Timmons he doesn’t get the buzz he deserves, so this may not be Cam’s year.

  • Maybe Not

Heath Miller – Heath Miller is apparently 10th on the tight end voting list. He’s having a solid year. 390 yards on 39 receptions and a touchdown. But Miller’s pro bowl days are behind him.

He projects out to 568 yards on 57 receptions, not too shabby for an old fella. He’s obviously still a solid contributor. But he’s probably not going to Hawaii.

Will Johnson – Johnson is apparently 10th in fullback voting. When you consider how few fullbacks there are it’s not as impressive. It’s still something though. Johnson’s a solid player for the Steelers. But he’s probably not going to Hawaii.

  • Maybe Next Year

David DeCastro – He, like Heyward, continues to improve and play above average football with little fanfare. His ability to pull and  block in space make him a significant piece of the Steelers run game.

He’s good at pass and run blocking but the word hasn’t gotten out though. Not enough people know about him yet and he’s probably just a step below pro bowl level still so its not in the cards.

Ryan Shazier – Not unlike the three below injuries hurt Shaziers chances. But, unlike the three below he’s never been and was by no means a shoe in. Shazier is here because when he was healthy he played at a high level. He’s just never healthy, so keep tryin Ryan, get well soon.

Ben Roethlisberger, Maurkice Pouncey, and Le’Veon Bell – If this season were a little less injury filled these three would be in the shoe in category. Pouncey never played, he might, but too little too late. Bell played well, while he played. And Ben plays well, when he plays.

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Not this year fellas, odds are next year though.