Open Letter to Vontaze Burfict: Sit Down, Scumbag


Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict proved yet again in Sunday’s loss to the Steelers that he is the epitome of dirty. The following is an open letter to Burfict, as well as any Cincinnati fans who defend him, seeking the acknowledgement of his heinous actions.

To Vontaze Burfict:

It’s obvious, man. The entire NFL knows it.

No matter how ‘resilient’ you may be, or how talented of a linebacker you are, the only true constant in your game is dirtiness. That, and your general cowardice.

During Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, you not only furthered your case as the league’s biggest scumbag – you cemented it in stone.

You couldn’t even wait until kickoff to start your clown act. You crossed midfield during pregame warm-ups and got in Vince Williams‘ face despite no provoking from Pittsburgh’s side. It’s only fitting that you backed away with your tail between your legs as the rest of the Steelers defense joined the altercation.

Oh sure, there’s beef between you and Williams. He tweeted some pretty harsh threats to you after the first meeting earlier this season in Pittsburgh, but his anger was justified. Why? Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you intentionally swung yourself into Le’Veon Bell’s knee and proceeded to celebrate with your other asshole teammates.

All of this while maintaining your signature “What did I do?” persona. I guess I’ll give credit where it’s due – you manage to act even more idiotic than you look.

In another classic move on Sunday, you attempted to take out Ben Roethlisberger‘s legs by diving directly into his ankle. You and the rest of Cincinnati can cry that the whistle wasn’t blown all you want. The fact of the matter is that you knowingly dove, head-first, into another player’s leg, one that has already been injured this year.

The best part? The hated Steelers aren’t the only team to fall victim to your filthy tactics.

Last season, Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen publicly called you out for twisting the ankles of Panthers players during tackles. As a member of the Ravens, receiver Torrey Smith also didn’t hesitate to call you a ‘dirty’ player. I could sit here for hours digging up more evidence, but redundancy is going to take over.

It’s no surprise that nobody on the Steelers would shake your grimy hand after the game.

Heightened emotion during a major divisional rivalry is one thing. Countless examples of intentional, harmful behaviors is another. Neither you, nor anybody affiliated with the Bengals, seems to understand the difference.

For the safety of your upcoming opponents, I can only hope that the NFL suspends you for the remainder of the regular season. In an ideal world, players like you would be given a lifetime ban from the league. You are the literal personification of a goon, a man who has no concern or respect for his fellow competitors.

Is it impossible for you to, just once, admit that your true intentions? Stop comfortably hiding behind teammates and dodging questions from the media. Is it impossible for Bengals players and fans to admit the same?

It doesn’t take a Steelers fan to recognize your cowardly style of play. All I can hope is that you’re out of the NFL, one way or another, before your disgusting ways end somebody’s career.

Have fun with another early January exit.


Matt Krivanek and every other right-minded football fan