Grades: Three Steelers defenders who earned As this week

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Sometimes it feels like the Pittsburgh Steelers offense gets all the credit, but this week it was their defense that won the day.

Hosting a tough Denver Broncos team that is likely to make a deep playoff run, the Steelers fell behind early and trailed at halftime 27-13. In the second half Pittsburgh’s defense came to life and held the Broncos scoreless, paving the way for a big win.

Antonio Brown had another monster game, but these three defenders also earned As for their performance this week.

Cameron Heyward

Heyward continues to play lights out every single week.

The box score says that Heyward only got to Brock Osweiler once. That doesn’t do his game any justice and is proof that you have to look past the traditional numbers to see who is really balling out and who isn’t.

Heyward got tons of pressure on Osweiler in the second half, forcing him to make incredibly difficult throws into tight coverage. He was also responsible for firing the defense up at half-time and getting them on point as a unit.

Leadership, talent, tenacity. Heyward has it all and he is an under-the-radar superstar.