Still Curtain NFL Week 16 Picks


The Still Curtain staff picks winners for each game on the NFL Week 16 schedule.

The NFL season is winding down and there are still playoff spots to be won or lost. This season it’s been one thing or another. Either the refs blow a major call or fights break out on the field. The NFL is truly the greatest reality show ever.

With two games left to play it remains a hot topic of discussion on whether the undefeated Carolina Panthers should rest their starters for the playoffs or risk it all for the glory? I’m on the side of risking it all. If you’re not going out every single game like it’s the most important game what’s the point in playing?

Sure the collective Panthers fan-base probably gasps in fear every time a defender gets close to Cam Newton but how do you expect to keep the hot-streak going if you intentionally cool off right before the playoffs? You want rest that’s what the first-round bye is for.

With the win last week over the Denver Broncos the Steelers have moved into the playoff race due to having the tie-breaker over the New York Jets. If the Steelers are able to beat the Baltimore Ravens and the Jets lose to the Patriots, the Steelers will clinch a playoff berth this Sunday.

The Steelers will play the most watered-down version of the Ravens they’ve seen in a long time. The 4-10 Ravens are going to be deciding whether it’s more important for them to beat the Steelers and potentially knock us out of the playoff race or secure a top-5 draft pick next year. And hopefully they won’t be wearing pants that look like they’ve been stained in mustard again.

Other notable matchups of the week include the Packers and the Cardinals. Both have clinched playoff berths but it should be interesting to see a possible preview of a playoff matchup. The Bengals travel to Denver to take on the Broncos.

The Bengals can clinch the AFC North division with their next win but are still without Andy Dalton. The Broncos have decided to keep Peyton Manning sidelined another week in favor of Brock Osweiler. Each team needs a win to secure their playoff spot preference.

Zack took the win last week with a dominant 14 winners and he took sole possession of the overall lead with Remy and Justin close behind. There’s very little time left for me to steal this thing away.

Feel free to join us in making picks of your own in the comments section, or take the opportunity to heckle and criticize our picks if that’s your deal. Make picks of your own or you can root for your favorite Still Curtain staffer!

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Here is the Week 16 NFL Schedule:

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Here are the overall standings after 15 weeks:

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Enjoy the games! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!