Steelers failed to show up in Baltimore


With a potential playoff spot on the line and going up against a watered-down Ravens team the Steelers had all the tools they needed to pull out a win but fell short against the Ravens.

The Steelers, who were averaging over 30 points a game in their previous give games had only scored three points going into halftime as they watched their first offensive series end with zero points after going for it on a 4th and a half and failing to convert.

The Steelers defense took over and allowed Ravens quarterback Ryan Mallet, who had just signed with the team 12 days prior to this game to march down the field and score a touchdown on their first possession.

The biggest issue for the Steelers today were two costly interceptions thrown by Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers defense weren’t able to get any takeaways from the Ravens offense and that typically spells a loss for whoever is playing.

Running back DeAngelo Williams was the work hours for the Steelers offense with 100 rushing yards on 17 carries with a 5.9 yards per carry average and two touchdowns. Antonio Brown had a quiet game, after an early touchdown was negated by replay because the NFL clearly doesn’t know what is or isn’t a catch.

Brown finished the day with just seven receptions for 68 total yards.

Que the yinzers who are going to go after Tomlin for his record against inferior teams as if he truly stands on the sidelines all week during practice and during the game and just says, ‘Eh, go out there and do whatever, we should be able to beat these guys without a plan.’

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The Steelers fell 20-17 and were swept by the Ravens, giving them a 9-6 record and still hoping for a playoff berth.

Unfortunately for the Steelers, the Jets beat the New England Patriots in OT. The Steelers will need to win next week against Cleveland and some help in order to get into the playoffs.