Grades: Three Steelers who failed vs. Ravens

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The Pittsburgh Steelers laid an egg at the worst possible time against the Baltimore Ravens.

Thanks to yesterday’s disappointing performance the Steelers no longer have control of their own destiny and they’re going to need some help to earn one of the AFC’s wild card spots. How could this possibly happen when Pittsburgh came into the game so hot?

A failure like Sunday’s is the responsibility of many parties, but several players really stood out as having awful games. Here are three players who earned Fs in the loss.

Ben Roethlisberger

This season when Big Ben is good he’s been as good as any other quarterback in the league. When he’s bad the Steelers stand almost no chance of winning. Worst of all, his bad games all seem to have come against division opponents.

Roethlisberger is normally a very sharp reader of defenses and he takes what he’s given while occasionally taking a shot downfield.

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Yesterday Roethlisberger channelled his inner Rex Grossman and kept on forcing passes to Antonio Brown, two of which (should have been three) got picked off. He did not complete a single deep pass all game and he finished with just 215 total yards and no touchdowns.

Everyone has bad games, but this one was too crucial. Not showing up for a gimme game this late in the season is inexplicable.