Three new year’s resolutions for the Steelers

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3. Keep Big Ben off his back

Another problem that kept coming up in 2015 was Pittsburgh’s inability to keep their franchise quarterback healthy and on the field.

Roethlisberger missed several games this season thanks to knee and foot injuries. With Big Ben out of the lineup the Steelers went 2-2, with one of the losses coming against the Kansas City Chiefs, which might wind up costing them a playoff spot.

Pittsburgh has done an ok job of protecting Big Ben and they’ve only surrendered 33 sacks this year, but ok is not good enough when so much of the team’s success depends on the deep passing attack.

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Finding a permanent solution at left tackle is one of the biggest challenges facing the front office, and Todd Haley will have to find ways to minimize Roethlisberger’s exposure to hits as he approaches the twilight of his career.

If the Steelers can take care of these three resolutions, 2016 should be a much better year.