Still Curtain NFL Week 17 Picks


The Still Curtain staff picks winners for each game on the NFL Week 17 schedule.

This is it. The last week of the NFL regular season. It seems like only yesterday we were fresh out of training camps and wondering what is or isn’t a catch and hoping the officiating would get better as the season went on.

Now we still don’t know what is or isn’t a catch and the officiating seems to have gotten worse, so there’s that. Playoff spots will be won or lost on Sunday with the AFC Wild Card spots still up in the air.

The Carolina Panthers have finally lost a game so the ’72 Dolphins can rest easy in their hover-rounds and recliners for another year.

The Steelers and the Colts are the last two teams in the hunt for an AFC playoff berth with the Steelers hoping for a Jets loss against the Buffalo Bills and the Colts hoping for about nine different scenarios to happen in order for them to get in.

The Patriots can lock up the No. 1 seed and home field advantage with a win over the Dolphins, who haven’t won against an AFC East opponent yet this year.

The Bengals will have to beat the Ravens to lock up the second seed and get a first-round bye; their only sure-fire way to advance to the Divisional Round of the playoffs seeing as how most of the Bengals team is comprised of players who weren’t out of diapers or alive yet the last time the Bengals actually won a playoff game.

The Steelers need to wash the funk off of their bed-wetting performance in Baltimore last week to get passed the Browns as well as do some scoreboard watching if they want to play next week.

Now’s the time for that Steelers offense that looked unstoppable with Ben Roethlisberger and his arsenal of weapons to return to form.

Matt was our winner last week and Remy is clinging to a one-point lead for the overall title. Now would be a good time to tell them the prize is imaginary and no trophy will actually be awarded. Oops.

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Here is the Week 17 NFL Schedule:

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Here are the overall standings after 16 weeks:

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Enjoy the games! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!