Steelers: AFC North power rankings


The regular season is over and here are the final AFC North power rankings.

The regular season has come to an and what is the AFC North power structure with of its teams headed to the post season. Even more exciting is that the two divisional teams face off with Cincinnati (#3 seed) hosting Pittsburgh ( #6 seed).

It is sort of strange that Pittsburgh is set to play another rival this year in the first round of the playoffs. It is even more strange that they are likely to be without their starting running back again.

When comparing the two teams statistically it’s pretty much dead even and really this question will be answered Saturday night just after eleven. Who runs the north?

Previous: 2nd. Pittsburgh Steelers. 1. team. 55. As mentioned above statistically the teams are very comparable. The Bengals have the better defense (ranked 11th overall where the Steelers are 21st) and they have the secondary players back that were missing in the last match up on December 13th. Pittsburgh more than likely will be without their starting running back which last year appeared to cripple the otherwise strong offense. That could be a huge factor and may lead to the same outcome as a season ago. <a href=. (10-6)

team. 56. The Bengals are a tough opponenet for Pittsburgh and could come out the victor at home. As stated, their defense is solid and <a href=. (12-4). Previous: 1st. Cincinnati Bengals. 2

team. 26. The Ravens are probably happy to see their season end while not happy to see their rivals in the post-season. While the season was far below expectations they finished with a few positives. They appear to have a quality backup quarterback in <a href=. (5-11). Previous: 3rd. Baltimore Ravens. 3

(3-13). Previous: 4th. Cleveland Browns. 4. team. 53. This team ended pretty much where they started, in disarray. <a href=