Three things the Steelers can learn from Broncos

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3. Great cornerbacks are worth every penny

Of course all the pass pressure in the world doesn’t mean much if your defensive backs get beat at the snap.

The Broncos may have the best combination at cornerback in the NFL with Chris Harris and Aqib Talib manning the outside. Even with Talib having an off-game Denver was able to dominate Carolina’s offense thoroughly.

If you look at the Steelers roster, you won’t find any corners who can come close to what the Broncos put out there.

William Gay, Antwon Blake and Brandon Boykin will all become free agents in a few weeks. Deciding who to keep and who to drop will be integral to the Steelers’ success in 2016 and for years to come. They also need to develop more talent at the position and invest in early round draft picks.

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Put it this way: if Kevin Colbert could pull off an even trade, exchanging his cornerbacks for Denver’s, do you really think anybody could stop this team?

Defense still wins championships, and quality corners are priority number one for a great defense in today’s NFL. Act accordingly.