Steelers: Don’t freak out about Le’Veon Bell


A recent report released stating that running back Le’Veon Bell‘s recuperation process may extend beyond the start of next year’s regular season. Even with that report, it’s by no means time to panic.

After many claimed the 2014 playoffs could’ve been an entirely different story had Le’Veon Bell never gone down with a hyper extended knee in Week 17, it was hard to see him go down a second time this season with a torn MCL.

While the reemergence of running back DeAngelo Williams was a sight to behold, there was no denying the gap left by Bell. His two dimensional play, excelling both in the run game and pass game, was sorely missed, and who knows where the Steelers season may have ended had he never been injured.

General Manager Kevin Colbert just recently stated that the timetable for Bell is a total mystery, and that he’s uncertain if Bell will be able to start the regular season completely healthy at this point.

The Steelers aren’t going to risk putting Le’Veon into action before they are certain he is 100% and ready to go. To risk another injury at this point would be foolish.

But despite the reports, it’s not even close to panic time.

You have to realize that we have months and months to go before the season starts. Free Agency hasn’t even started yet, and of course Colbert’s not going to know if Bell will be perfectly healthy at the start of the season. It may be disconcerting, but at this point, it’s nothing to worry about.

But if worst comes to worst, and Bell can’t start in Week 1, it’s still not someone to sound the alarms for. People have to realize that the Steelers may just have the best back up running back in football.

DeAngelo Williams was arguably one of the best running backs this season. He averaged 4.5 yards per carry, and cracked the top 10 in rushing yards this year without starting in 5 games.

Even if Bell was to miss the first few games of the season, the Steelers would be in pretty good shape as long as they retain Williams.

Hopefully, that scenario won’t have the play out, and Le’Veon Bell is in the backfield right out of the gates. With a real chance to be a top contender this year, it’s important that all the Steeler’s weapons are healthy and ready to go.

For now, just take a deep breath, and know that it’s going to be okay.