Steelers News: Rooney, Flirting, Manning Rule

The Steelers offseason which includes everything from free agency to draft prep and anything in between is in full swing.

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Steelers season never truly ends for Steeler Nation so while the offseason starts to heat up we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Saturday, Mar. 19th.

Not no way not no how

The NFL Owners will descend upon Boca Raton, Florida this weekend. Not to scout their potential retirement communities but to meet on several rule proposals for the 2016 season. Bob Labriola explains that Steelers president Art Rooney II isn’t likely to change his views on expanding instant replay.

One issue in which Rooney already knows he won’t budge on is expanding instant replay. It’s not that he’s opposed to it entirely, it’s more like he’s opposed to it entirely. Rooney’s reasoning for not wanting to expand replay is to not have to stop the game anymore than it is already being stopped.

He also argues that there are enough chances within the rules within a game for an official to correct a mistake or make the correct call so creating more instances of replays wouldn’t fix bad officiating, it would just stop the game more to watch replays of those instances of bad officiating.

Do you agree with expanding replay or would rather the NFL just better impose the rules already on the books?

Free agent flirting

The Steelers weren’t complete bystanders during the peak times of free agency this season, something that has been their typical annual routine. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reminds us that the Steelers entertained several big names such as Eric Weddle and Russell Okung during free agency but they just weren’t interested enough to get into a bidding war over them.

The Steelers made two outside free agent signings in tight end Ladarius Green and offensive tackle Ryan Harris and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re done but based on the salary cap they’d likely need to create cap space by restructuring the contracts of Lawrence Timmons, Ben Roethlisberger or Cameron Heyward in order to sign anyone else.

He was totally down and it shouldn’t even have counted

The NFL is considering a rule that they already have on the books. Strange, isn’t it? According to Michael David Smith of PFT one of the rules the NFL Owners will vote on down in Boca this weekend includes what is being called the “Peyton Manning Rule.”

Apparently the rule isn’t about tea bagging a trainer in the training room but it’s about when Manning went down to give himself up and avoid a sack only to pop back up and hit Emmanuel Sanders for a 34-yard pass that totally shouldn’t have counted.

You can watch the play and swear at the screen all over again right here.

The Kansas City Chiefs were the ones to propose the rules chance but it’s already a rule that when a quarterback gives himself up for a sack the play should be whistled dead so…you can bet your ass Tom Brady is going to try this crap at least once if this rule isn’t passed.