Steelers Draft: Colbert’s Best Day 3 Picks


The Steelers are in a position where they need some day 1 starters in the draft, but there are 7 picks and the following list should remind us of that.

The Steelers draft news has very much been focused on the first 3 rounds, and for good reason. The Steelers entered the offseason needing a starting safety and at least one starting cornerback. Since then, they’ve added a need for a starting nose tackle after McLendon’s departure. But this draft isn’t only useful for who can start their rookie year, the Steelers can work day 3 with the best of them.

And to prove that, let’s take a look at the best of Colbert’s day 3 picks. Now, obviously the draft used to be two days, but we’ll continue to look at those day 3 rounds. So the following is a list of the best players that Colbert has picked up in rounds 4, 5, 6, and 7. And since Colbert has been making those picks since 2000, no year before that will be considered obviously.

Because evaluating and signing undrafted free agents is somewhat of a different beast we’ll leave those out of this assessment. So no James Harrison or Willie Parker allowed. You can also find the Steelers draft history here at

So hear it is, the best of Colbert’s Day 3s.

Antonio Brown – The cream of the crop here. If he keeps up his current pace he’s a lock for the HOF. It’s crazy to say about a guy who’s only 27 but it’s a safe bet. Brown was a steal in the 6th round. He fell that far due to his height and playing for a small college but the Steelers got a steal with the best WR in the league. Oh, he also returns punts.

Brett Keisel – Brett Keisel came way back in the 7th round. He became a locker room leader, two time Super Bowl champion, and one of the best 3-4 defensive ends in the league. He also made a pro bowl in 2010. He fell to the 7th mostly due to being relatively thin for an end coming out of college. He was athletic enough to get by on special teams until he put the weight on.

Clark Haggans – Clark Haggans came in the 5th round. Haggans was part of both the Steelers Super Bowl wins, but for only one of them was he on the Steelers side. He was the guy between Jason Gildon and LaMarr Woodley. As eluded to earlier Haggans played with a few teams, and went to the Super Bowl with all of them oddly enough, but the first one, and the one he got the ring with was the Steelers.

Ike Taylor – Between Rod Woodson and today, think of a Steelers cornerback. Ike Taylor is probably the first, and possibly the only name that came to mind. Taylor is easily the best Steelers corner of the last 20 years. He stuck to his man like glue and although you can’t say the same for the ball, his Achilles heal, the interceptions he did get were big, like in the 2005 AFC Championship and another in the Super Bowl. Ike’s been to three, and won two. And all from a 4th round pick.

Larry Foote – Larry Foote actually contributed to the Steelers in two different increments. The 4th round pick worked his way into the starting lineup where he and James Farrior were an ILB duo you could not run against. Foote helped the Steelers win two Super Bowls. He then spent a year with the Lions and came back, this time as a back up. But just as before he got to a Super Bowl and eventually got to start again.

William Gay – You just appreciate William Gay more and more every year. I think Steeler Nation will agree with that. Gay was a 5th round pick and although he did get to two Super Bowls and win one with the Steelers it’s what he’s done since that has endeared him to fans. What has he done? Improve, every year. He gets better with age. And the once chastised nickel is the top corner on the team and holds the black and gold pick six record with 5.

Kelvin Beachum – We will miss you Kelvin, which is not normally something you can say of a 7th round pick. Beachum came onto the Steelers as an offensive lineman, any more specific a definition would have been futile. He filled any gap that appeared early on and in his first couple years there were many. Beachum watched a ton of tape and worked really hard. He became the starting left tackle and one of the best in the league before his departure.

Willie Colon – Colon was a 5th round pick who has contributed multiple starting seasons to the Steelers and the Jets. Colon started making waves his first year when he started a couple games at right tackle due to injury and after that started all that games he played for Pittsburgh. Colon mostly played guard and after some injury issues was released and went to the Jets, but he helped the Steelers get that thumb ring.

Too Soon to Tell

Martavis Bryant – Bryant was a 5th round pick. He fell that far because of concerns over whether he was more than just a crazy athlete having come out early and playing only 3rd WR in college, and also because of behavioral/personal issues. One of those was unfounded, we’ll have to wait on the other to settle itself before we determine how much this pick paid off.

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Vince Williams – Vince came in as a 6th round pick and started much of his rookie year due to injury. He performed admirably. Since then the run stuffer has played back up. He’s a valuable contributor at 6th round but time will tell how he develops or if his pass defense catches up with his run.