Steelers Game Day Grub: Pittsburgh Cheesesteak

The Steelers will travel to Philadelphia in a cross-state showdown for football supremacy over the state of Pennsylvania.

There’s really no contest when it comes to comparing sports in Pittsburgh to sports in Philly, though. There’s never really been a football rivalry between the two cities but the hockey rivalry between the Flyers and Penguins is about alive as it can be given the Flyers’ lack of competitiveness over the years.

The two cities are just fewer than 500 miles apart but might as well be worlds apart in terms of football. The Steelers are the league’s most successful franchise with six Super Bowl victories and the Eagles have only been to the Super Bowl twice; losing both times.

What makes these two cities different other than their football teams is the food. Philly is known for a sandwich that is gross and has an imitation cheese topping and is just all-around bad. I’m talking about the Philly cheesesteak.

Their cheesesteak has cheese wiz shmeared on it and just doesn’t have the quality ingredients that people who take their sandwiches seriously like Pittsburghers do, require. In that case I give to you the Pittsburgh cheesesteak.

Now the biggest variation is the provolone cheese and the fresh toppings as well as the bakery fresh rolls. You also want to toast your rolls. I toasted mine with a garlic-butter spread because I care about what I eat.

I used Steak-ums for the meat. Mostly because I didn’t have the time or the energy to go out and get a steak and cut it thin and Steak-ums work just fine. So you just cook those up in your pan with your choice of peppers, onions, mushrooms or none of the above.

I used provolone cheese because that’s the only acceptable cheese to use on sammiches in this part of the state. Everywhere else you go and find the combination of steak, provolone cheese and peppers and onions and they will call it a cheesesteak but make no mistake, that’s a Pittsburgh cheesesteak.

Also, just like any other self-respecting yinzer I put french fries on my sammiches. Take that, Philly.

Just like Carson Wentz ain’t no Ben Roethlisberger after two starts, a steak sandwich with cheese wiz ain’t no Pittsburgh cheesesteak.

Enjoy the game and the grub!

Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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