Steelers Game Day Grub: Yinzer Chowder

The Steelers are playing and the air is getting cooler so we need to step our grub game up.

With the arrival of the New England Patriots this week to face a Ben Roethlisberger-less Steelers team we might be in for a long afternoon. The object of the game for Pittsburgh will be to play smart, don’t make any mistakes and don’t let Tom Brady carve you up like a turkey.

That’s easier said than done. But you know what’s easier done? Making some yinzer-fied chowder to feast on for game time. The Patriots can keep their clam chowder up there because we don’t even need it.

This was a first for me and my sister, taking on the task of making chowder for the first time wasn’t easy. We knew it had to have bacon (because, of course bacon) and we knew we had to involve something Burghish.

Considering that New England clam chowder is composed of clams, potatoes and cream I realized the only logical swap was to swap out potatoes for pierogis. Mrs. T’s makes a mini pierogi perfect for such a recipe. Also I swapped shrimp for the clams because shrimp tastes better anyway.

If you want to use clams instead by all means, do what you want in the comfort of your own kitchen. For tailgating purposes I’d suggest making this soup ahead of time and keeping it warm in a slow cooker. It is really fantastic and delicious.

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Fill your bowl or cup with some tasty Yinzer Chowder and hope to see James Harrison plant Brady into the turf of Heinz Field all afternoon.

Enjoy the game and the grub! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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