Steelers Antonio Brown goes live: How big of a deal will it be?


The Steelers understandably celebrated in their locker room immediately after securing the 18-16 victory that will send them to New England for the AFC Championship.

Antonio Brown shares just about everything on social media. He makes himself available to fans in ways not many other stars in his category do. That’s just the kind of guy he is it seems. It’s completely harmless; he mostly trains, practices, plays with his kids, and gets the occasional pedicure and such.

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On Sunday night, however, Brown made the curious move to stream live to Facebook from inside the Steelers locker room immediately following the win over Kansas City. The live video, which has well over a million views by now, caught the comments by Mike Tomlin about facing the New England Patriots.

"“We spotted those a—holes a day and a half. They played yesterday, our game got moved to tonight. We’re going to touch down at 4 o’clock in the f—ing morning. So be it. We’ll be ready for their ass.” – Mike Tomlin"

It also caught a great moment of irony where it appears to be the voice of Ben Roethlisberger instructing the team to be smart on social media and keep a low profile. Terrific.

The video has already been taken down from Antonio Brown’s page but you know how things are on the internet.

The hot takes will flow like liquid hot magma on this thing. You can bet your sweet ass that Colin Cowherd will have some turd-like remarks to make on this. At the end of the day and, more importantly at the end of the week, this will end up being as big of a deal as Joey Porter’s arrest was last week.

It was certainly stuff that belonged in the locker room. I guess that’s what locker room talk actually sounds like. But it certainly wasn’t anything disparaging or anything that would cause any issues, except I’m sure you’ll be seeing less live posts from Antonio Brown in the locker room from here on out.

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If the Patriots didn’t already know that the majority of the league, if not the country, views them as a bunch of a—holes let this be their official notice. No harm, no foul.

Here we go Steelers! Here we go!