Steelers: Le’Veon Bell’s “Patience” Examined

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Spatial Awareness

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills
NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills /

Spatial awareness is pretty straightforward, it’s simply awareness of the space surrounding you. It encompasses what depth in front of you you’re able to comprehend, for example when approaching the line of scrimmage a back might be aware of the defensive line, a better one would also be aware of the linebackers, and an even better one would be aware of the defensive backs.

It also encompasses what you can’t see. If Bell runs past a guy, and another approaches from the front, is Bell conscious of that guy he ran past earlier being on his heels now? Is he coming from the inside?

So should Bell then juke to the outside when approaching the guy in front of him? Is there a pulling guard around you can use to peel off that pursuer? I imagine Bell would do well finding his way out of a maze.

Finally, spatial awareness involves anticipating. A lesser running back might come off the right tackle into an open spot and just run as fast as they can hoping to get as many yards as possible before some player tackles them.

Bell however probably understands someone is supposed to be in that spot. A linebacker? No, DeCastro is blocking him. So the safety would have to step up. Bell would find him as much as he finds Bell.