Steelers at Super Bowl LI: DeAngelo Williams has a future in coaching

The Steelers may not be playing in the Super Bowl this weekend but that doesn’t mean that the players aren’t in Houston taking part in the biggest game of the year.

Running back DeAngelo Williams had a bigger role in the AFC Championship than anyone had anticipated but a couple of weeks removed from the game and he’s already moved onto his future. Williams reuinted with his first job ever, Pizza Hut, to get rookies ready for Game Day.

Pizza Hut expects to be serving 2 million pizzas on Sunday, which is enough to cover a football field twice, or provide each attendee in Houston with 27.8 pizzas or 222 slices. That’s a lot of pizza. There’s nothing in the world as great as pizza and football. Nothing.

Just take a moment to appreciate pizza. It was one of the first foods that can be delivered to your house. One minute you’re sittign on your recliner thinking about a cheesey piece of pizza and the next minute you’re eating it. Just like that. God bless pizza.

To prepare for the surge in pizza deliveries Pizza Hut brought in Williams to put employees through the first-ever Pizza Combine to help them master combine drills… with pizza.

There will be three-parts to the series of watching D-Will put these guys through the ringer in the name of speedy pizza delivery. The first episode of the Curb-to-Door Hustle is already out. You can catch Pizza Hut’s YouTube and Facebook channels for more.

Next year we know that DeAngelo Williams will be much too busy playing in the Super Bowl to be able to train any delivery drivers so they had better take advantage of this training while they have it. Good thing they’ve captured it on video for posterity.

It’s no fun watching the big game that our Steelers should be playing in, so we might as well drown our sorrows in pizza instead.