Pittsburgh Steelers Cornerback Senquez Golson Detained For Carrying Firearm in Alabama Airport


Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback, Senquez Golson, was detained at an Alabama airport for carrying a firearm and ammunition.

Senquez Golson’s track record with the Pittsburgh Steelers was not off to a great start to begin with. His season-ending injuries during his first two seasons may have already bumped him to a nickelback position baring his return. Now, he has to deal with off the field issues to add to his unappealing NFL resume.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Golson was detained in a mobile Alabama airport after TSA found a firearm and ammunition in his carry on bag.

Within the report, Golson was said to have a Glock .45 caliber pistol and 23 rounds of ammunition. Although Golson was no arrested, the agents did call police who said they’d hold the gun until the Steelers cornerback returned to Alabama.

As stated, Golson was not arrested but detained for his actions. He was able to travel without the weapon and would be able to reclaim the firearm once he returned from his travels.

Coming off back-to-back injuries, Golson is already battling an uphill battle in the NFL. With a shoulder injury keeping him out his rookie year and a lisfranc foot injury holding him up last season, the cornerback does not need anything else keeping him off the field.

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Although nothing will likely come from this incident, it does make you concerned about Golson and his future in Pittsburgh. The highly-touted Ole Miss product is hoping to be a strong addition to the secondary this season. Hopefully this was the last of his news appearances and he can focus on finally playing in an NFL game.