Pittsburgh Steelers React to Passing of Dan Rooney


Pittsburgh Steelers owner and all-time great, Dan Rooney, was loved by all his players and it shows.

After learning of his passing through the team’s Twitter, fans, coaches, and players showed their love and appreciation for Mr. Rooney and his time with the Steelers. The six-time Super Bowl Champion was known for his wit and charm and always made everyone feel welcomed.

Learning of his passing, members of the Pittsburgh franchise, both past and present decided to show their respect for the beloved Rooney.

These Pittsburgh family members, along with people throughout the NFL, proved that Rooney was known as one of the best people in the league. At age 84, he never failed to learn a name, speak to players, or put his input into a practice. Whether you were a practice squad member or Ben Roethlisberger, Rooney always made sure you felt like a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers family.

Because of his kindness, players and Steelers members around the country joined together to share their respect for the legendary owner.






Easy to say Dan Rooney was loved by everyone in the Steelers orginization. As they deal with the loss of one of the greatest people the NFL has ever had the privilege of knowing, the Pittsburgh community will continue to pay their respect to the legend.

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From all of us here at Still Curtain, rest in peace Mr. Rooney. You will never be forgotten.