Martavis Bryant Says JuJu Smith is “Sammie Coates replacement” Not His After Pittsburgh Steelers Second Round Pick

The Pittsburgh Steelers were hoping Martavis Bryant’s behavior would change with his reinstatement, but his recent Twitter action says differently.

After the Pittsburgh Steelers selected USC wide receiver, JuJu Smith-Schuster, with the 62nd pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, speculations immediately arose. As people began to question which Steelers’ wideout would compete with Smith, Martavis Bryant made sure everyone knew it’s not with him.

Sending out a tweet saying Smith is Sammie Coates replacement isn’t the best chemistry booster, but it is one way to let the fans know you don’t mess around. As a competitive player, Bryant made sure Steelers nation was aware he was back to the NFL.

I’m not too sure how Coates is taking the tweet, but it’s safe to assume he isn’t happy.

This isn’t a good sign for Bryant’s future. Pittsburgh is already worried about his attitude, and putting down a teammate isn’t helping his value on the team. Bryant may be a great talent, but he’ll quickly lose respect of fans and teammates with remarks like this one.

Honestly, this could be the final straw for Bryant. The Steelers were not happy with his off the field issues prior to drafting him, he has yet to prove they are behind him, and now, he does this. Not a good image to have when you just got “conditionally” reinstated to the NFL.

With the future of Bryant still in Pittsburgh, we can only assume this hurts his image with the team. However, looking at the Steelers past, they likely aren’t going to tolerate a player who’s more concerned about himself than the success of the team.