Should the Pittsburgh Steelers hope for the Madden curse?


Tom Brady has been named the cover of Madden ’18, the “GOAT” edition, but should the Pittsburgh Steelers hope he catches the Madden curse?

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No. Plain and simple. The Pittsburgh Steelers have come miles from their AFC Championship loss to the New England Patriots in January. After a great 2017 NFL Draft, the Steelers are finally in a place to feel confident about beating their long-time foe.

Tom Brady catching the Madden curse and missing any amount of time wouldn’t be a rewarding way to find the Super Bowl. That’d be like the Houston Rockets winning the NBA Finals the year Michael Jordan retired.

What Pittsburgh has strived for all offseason was to get to a point where they can beat Brady. For years, these two have battled, leaving an unfortunate dent in the history of the Steelers. 10-2 all-time against the Steel City, 3-0 in the postseason. Not a record Pittsburgh wishes they had against the greatest quarterback of all-time.

Nevertheless, each offseason, the goal is the same; Beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. Most years, that’s all any team needs to do for a Super Bowl appearance. This year, chances are it’s the same once again.

This isn’t even a question. If Pittsburgh wants to feel accomplished, like they truly are the best team in the world, they need to beat New England. Not New England without Tom Brady. Just plain, 5-time Super Bowl champion, Brady filled New England. That’s the only way achieving anything in the NFL in this era is relevant.

No one looks back and remembers the year Houston won the NBA Finals without saying, “The Rockets won the year Jordan retired.” Does anyone really want to be remembered for that? No. And right now, winning a Super Bowl without Tom Brady in the league is equivalent to winning the Finals without Jordan.

You want to be the best in the world, beat the best out there. I don’t care how much people despise him; Tom Brady is the best out there.

To keep it simple, no, the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t want the Madden curse. In fact, they want Brady to come back firing on all cylinders. If they can beat him like that, they’ll go down as one of the best teams of the century. A much better way to be remembered than winning without Jordan.

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Let Tom Brady smash all the mirrors, walk under all the ladders, and appear on all the video game covers in the world. As long as he’s ready to play when they meet in the playoffs, Pittsburgh can care less what he does.

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers want Tom Brady to catch the Madden curse? No. Next question.