Five reasons why the Pittsburgh Steelers will win Super Bowl LII

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4. The Steelers may have the best receiving corps in the NFL

Antonio Brown, Sammie Coates, Jesse James and now two more lethal threats to add to the arsenal in JuJu Smith and a freshly reinstated Martavis Bryant, plus Bell catching balls out of the backfield. Big Ben’s options for the 2017-2018 season are starting to look like his best yet.

We all know what Brown can do, but after serving his season-long suspension last season, Martavis Bryant is ready to show why he has been so hyped by NFL and fantasy football fans alike. Although he has only played a single season with Roethlisberger, Bryant managed to put up 765 yards and six touchdowns during his rookie campaign.

That’s not to mention he didn’t really take off until week three, going for just one reception in weeks one and two during the 2015 season. What has the Steeler faithful so excited are the flashes he showed during his limited time on the field. Out of the 765 yards Bryant produced in 2015, 429 of them came in just three games. This proves Bryant is capable of being a threat and will take looks away from Antonio Brown in 2017, but what’s even more important is the addition of JuJu Smith.

Pittsburgh spent a second round pick on Smith, so they clearly expect big things from him. On a side note, there has been speculation the USC product was drafted to supplant Coates, or so Bryant thinks.

Bryant sent out a Tweet, that has since been deleted, about Smith being drafted as Coates’ replacement, not his. Could Pittsburgh have drafted Smith as a wake-up call for Bryant to get his career together or he’s out the door?