Why no Pittsburgh Steelers will make the 2018 NFL Hall of Fame


The Pittsburgh Steelers have seven players nominated for the Hall of Fame, but by the looks of it, none will get their gold jacket this year.

Hines Ward has been the top name mentioned for the Hall of Fame. He did have a borderline Hall of Fame career, but this year he looks to be overshadowed by Randy Moss. Hines Ward was a much better blocker and gave a lot more effort to his game. However, life isn’t fair, and Randy Moss was just born more talented.

Alan Faneca is, in my opinion, the best option for the Hall of Fame. He was an excellent guard for the Steelers and played the majority of his career with the Steelers. On the other hand, this year, Steve Hutchinson is eligible for the Hall of Fame, and he was the guard who made way for Adrien Peterson earlier in his career.

Greg Lloyd was an excellent linebacker for the Steelers and he shined at a time where the linebackers were more valued. However, his production is a tier below the Hall of Fame. He also falls into the background among many great Steeler linebackers.

Joey Porter is a coach with the Steelers and was one of the more notable outside linebackers in Steelers history. He stands out as one of the early 3-4 outside linebackers when that was not as common in the NFL. I would put his production a tier below the Hall of Fame though.

Gary Anderson was a great kicker and had a long career. He played for many teams, and there is no saying whether he will go into the Hall of Fame as a Steeler.

Bill Cowher was notable for winning the Steeler’s fifth Super Bowl, and he was a good coach who bridged the gap between Chuck Noll and Mike Tomlin. His days with the Steelers were good but were not the glory days that Chuck Noll and Mike Tomlin have brought.

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Buddy Parker was a Steelers coach for a number of years, but his production was very average. The Steelers didn’t become the franchise they are until Chuck Noll.