Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, Lawrence Timmons, disappears 24 hours before game

PITTSBURGH, PA - DECEMBER 04: Rashad Jennings
PITTSBURGH, PA - DECEMBER 04: Rashad Jennings /

Former Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebacker, Lawrence Timmons’ status for Sunday is unclear after he disappeared from the Miami Dolphins yesterday.

According to multiple reports, Timmons left the team after something angered him. What angered Timmons is still unknown, but apparently, the linebacker cut contact with Miami after leaving their hotel in California.

Although the linebacker has still not returned to the team his status for today’s game in uncertain. The Dolphins take on the San Diego Chargers at 4:05 PM EST. A missed game would break Timmons’ 109-consecutive start streak.

Timmons signed a 2-year/$12 million deal with Miami early in the offseason. As a sound inside linebacker, Timmons was a significant pickup for the Dolphins over the summer.

This is a strange circumstance. While Timmons appeared to be excited for the season and to join his new team, as it appeared on his social media, someone must have hit a nerve. Less than 24 hours before a game, it had to be something significant to upset Timmons enough to completely disappear.

Until more details arise, this entire situation seems strange. There will certainly be more news following this event, but for now, we can only assume it was something that may make Timmons consider why he’s a part of the team.

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