Pittsburgh Steelers: Adjustments need to be made before Baltimore

Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers talks with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger
Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers talks with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger /

The Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the Bears was disappointing to say the least, we cannot dance around it. As we look forward to Baltimore next Sunday, there are some adjustments that need made for this team to win.

The Pittsburgh Steelers came out flat again on the road against a sub-par team. Some of it is on the coaches and some of it is on the players.

Now I know everyone blames the coaches all the time and I won’t say that they are not at all at fault. However, what I will say is both coaches and players need to adjust before the game against a divisional foe on the road.

First off, they need to quit leaving their intensity in Pittsburgh for road games. They seem to always come out lethargic and without energy in road games.

This has been a problem for years in Pittsburgh. It seems they are two completely different teams when on the road versus at home.

The team just seems to overlook bad opponents and have their eyes set on the next team. This is a cardinal sin in the NFL or any professional sport.

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All these teams are professional teams for a reason and if over-looked they will come smack you in the mouth. It is not wise to look past a bad team at home and think you just have to show up.

Pittsburgh just didn’t seem to have any urgency this week and it showed big time. Guys consistently missed tackles, over-committed on plays, and did not play their run gaps effectively.

The intensity has to increase in a hurry. Especially this week because we all know how rowdy M&T Bank Stadium will be come Sunday afternoon at one o’clock.

The next thing the Steelers need to do is increase discipline and mental toughness. They were gouged in the run game all day long by missing tackles and being out of position.

You cannot win games against a team if you do not tackle well. The defense as a whole had five total missed tackles in week two but because of a lack of discipline, they had four missed tackles on a single play against Chicago.

Because the defense played so poorly, they Bears were able to rack up 220 yards rushing on the day. This type of rushing day is simply unacceptable.

When the Steelers come into Baltimore this Sunday, they will need to show up on defense and play the run better or they will see similar results.

Due to a lackluster game plan from the coaching staff, the Steeler offense played lethargic for the third straight week. Most noteworthy is the running game performing terribly in these three games.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to have to figure out how to get the offense going. It will not be easy because the Ravens and Steelers always play each other tough.

Antonio Brown will be himself but the others need to step up and play well next week. Le’Veon Bell especially needs to get going as his performance in 2017 has not been on par with what we know he can do.

Because it is a road game, the Steelers will have two battles on Sunday. One will be a road game and the second will be the game is against a division foe.

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Following last week’s game, the Pittsburgh Steelers will need to bounce back and play with fire, intensity, and discipline. We will have to wait and see what happens but rest assured the players are not happy with last week’s overtime loss.