Pittsburgh Steelers: Antonio Brown has no setback with injury

PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 16: Antonio Brown /

The Pittsburgh Steelers are praying they have their star wide receiver back on the field this Sunday for their first playoff game.

After missing the team’s final two games, Antonio Brown slowly made his way back to practice during the Steelers’ first-round bye. Participating in a whole week’s practice, Brown is looking to return to the field this Sunday.

Steelers fans suffered a scare this morning as news circulated that Brown did not participate in the team’s final practice before Sunday. While rumors started that it was because of a setback dealing with his calf injury. Fortunately, his missed time did not come because of any setbacks.

Pittsburgh tends to go from 65 to negative 10 degrees within a week during the winter months. No matter how much of a freak someone is on the field, beating a city wide flu or cold is nearly impossible.

As terrible as dealing with these illnesses are, Pittsburgh, Brown and everyone included would much rather have Brown out for some sniffles than a re-torn calf muscle.

Brown is still expected to play this weekend, according to head coach Mike Tomlin. Whether he’s fully recovered from whatever disease he has right now is still unknown, but knowing Brown’s past, there isn’t much that’s going to stop him from playing Sunday.

Brown will be a huge boost for a team who’s looking to redeem their regular season loss. For Ben Roethlisberger, having Brown back will be a major confidence boost as he tries to carry his team through their first playoff game. With his five interception performance glooming in the back of his mind, being able to rely on someone like AB will go a long way in his mental stability in this game.

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Expect Brown, and most of the other starters on this team, to be on the field this Sunday for Pittsburgh.